Wow! 15 Minutes Exercise, Age Add 3 Years?

Sports was indeed a lot of benefits. In addition to making the body become healthy and fit, regular exercise for 15 minutes every day can prolong life. Really?

Researchers from Taiwan to find the facts, exercise for at least 15 minutes per day can lead to longer life. In addition, regular exercise can also strengthen muscles, reduce the risk of several diseases and improve mental well-being.

Guidelines for fitness by the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. states and others, recommend that adults should exercise at least half an hour per day of the week. This can be done with brisk walking, cycling and water aerobics.

As reported by the Dailymail , a recent study led by researchers at the National Health Research Institute in Taiwan, trying to determine whether exercising less than the recommended half an hour can still help this. Researchers notes that East Asia, including China, Japan and Taiwan, are generally less physically active than their western counterparts and they tend to be less intense workout.

Approximately 416,000 adults Taiwan were asked how many exercises they did the previous month?

Potassium Diets Reduce Risk of Stroke?

One in four stroke patients will probably die within a year due to any cause. And 8% of people who develop the disease will develop again in the near future.

Before too late to avoid consuming lots of fruits and foods that contain lots of potassium high. Potassium is an electrolyte needed to maintain body fluid balance, and is also involved in nerve and muscle control, and blood pressure regulation.

As reported by Reuters, a study has suggested a diet high in potassium to help maintain healthy blood pressure and may protect against heart disease and stroke.

"Dietary intake of potassium is inversely proportional to the risk of stroke," wrote lead researcher Susanna Larsson, from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The findings are reported in the journal Stroke, based on analysis of 10 international studies involving more than 200,000 adults, middle-aged and older people.

Susanna adding that these findings do not prove that it produces a positive effect of potassium, but they strengthen the evidence that the possibility exists. Therefore people are encouraged to consume lots of healthy foods high in potassium, such as nuts, various fruits and vegetables, and low-fat milk.


Fitness Equipment Review: The Beny Sports V-Fit AR1 Artemis II Air Rowing Machine

The best sort of exercise is that which you enjoy. There's nothing worse than getting on that ho-hum treadmill, and walking incessantly for what seems to be an eternity. Besides, a treadmill workout is mostly for the lower body, which means you have to find another way to work your upper body. This, in turn, can take more time than you're willing or able to spend. The solution? Find a machine that works your whole body. Once piece of fitness equipment that does this quite well is the rower. Read on to learn about an affordable machine: the Beny Sports V-fit AR1 Artemis II air rower.

Overall rating:

4.5 out of 5 stars

Key Features:

Styled after health club rowers that can cost hundreds more, this piece of fitness equipment is designed with a fully enclosed air resistance system. Although it works the whole body, a rower like the V-fit AR1 especially targets the back, shoulders and arms. Using a rower also provides cardiovascular benefits. Equipped with a strong aluminium rowing rail, the machine folds for easy storage. The padded seat is large, comfortable, and mounted on a durable, smooth roller mechanism. With a gym-style chain rowing action, the AR1 offers fluid motion, but does not have adjustable resistance. The balanced 7kg flywheel is made from cast iron. The foot straps are adjustable.


About £250.00

Product Description:

Unlike most rowers and fitness equipment in its class, the AR1 carries the SGS-GS TUV mark, which is a well-known and highly respected impartial and voluntary product certification from Germany. Products so marked are tested and certified to comply with a stringent German product safety act, the terms of which are accepted throughout the EU. The AR1 will support a maximum user weight of 115kg, and weighs 19.5kg when fully assembled. It has an attractive, chip resistant white epoxy powder coat finish. Equipped with transport wheels on the front frame end caps, the rower is easy to move and reposition. It also has sit-flat rear frame support caps. The rowing action is single/sculling. The row arm is a 25mm bar with high density foam padded grips.

Product Specifications:

The oblong tubular steel main frame components measure 80mm x 40mm and 50mm x 25mm. The oblong rowing rail measures 115mm x 50mm. The assembled rower measures 44cm x 74cm x 212cm. The AR1 is designed for home use by Beny Sports, a company that holds over 10 design patents, and whose whole product range conforms to stringent European safety standards. Beny Sports' innovative products are sold in most Western European countries, the United States, and South America. The AR1 can be found in department, speciality stores, mail order catalogues, and hypermarkets.


When shopping for fitness equipment like an entry level air rower, the Beny Sports line merits a serious look. It offers an optimal combination of affordability and functionality for those budget-minded users who are just embarking on a fitness programme.

Ab Doer Twist Reviews - Does It Work?

Following the Ab Doer, the new Ab Doer Twist is the new version which comes with new features. However is it worth trying?

The claims coming from the company are that it is a great way to tone the abdominal muscles and burn off fat but does it work? Having stomach fat can be annoying and you don't start dealing with the problem it just seems to build up and get worse. There comes a time when you need a permanent solution. Lets first take a look at exactly how it works.

How Does the Ab Doer Twist Work?

It basically works by making the body twist and turn in different positions. It comes with 4 DVD's that have different difficulty levels from beginner to advanced and the new design is made so that there is no unnecessary strain on the wrists or elbows. Lets take a quick look at the good points and bad points.


After reading many Ad Doer Twist reviews I found that it seems to suit the older generation. 50+. This is because all the exercises are done from a seated position. The DVD's that it comes with are very helpful and it makes everything a lot easier. If you do use it everyday you will feel a difference in the shape and strength of your abdominals. Its also quite compact so when you have finished your workout you can just fold it away.


The main thing that I did not like about this fitness and exercises machine is that it doesn't really burn off stomach fat. It just tones and shapes the muscles underneath. What actually make the stomach look good is when you get rid of the fat off the top. If your already in shape it may suit you better but if you have a few pounds to shift it may not be right.


There has been some improvements from the original Ab Doer. This product seems to suit people over 50 as all exercises are done from a seated position. The DVD's that come with it are good and easy to use, helping you get started quickly. The main thing that you should know before trying it out is that it is not the best at burning fat which is a crucial ingredient for getting good looking abs. As long as you understand that there is no harm form trying it out. See Below Now.

The Comfort in Using Hydration Packs

If you are a young athlete then you must be familiar with the functionality and the necessity of a hydration pack. A hydration pack is that one gadget that every hiker, runner, athlete and sportsman needs to have to ace a game or exercise. No, this is not some kind of trick or magic, it is a gadget that provides an athlete the one thing that boosts his performance and refreshes his energy level - chilled water.

Yes, chilled water is that one factor that revitalizes the strength of an athlete and gives him energy to improve his performance. You must be thinking that what happened to the good old bottles one used to use for drinking water in sports? Well, now using bottles for drinking water during exercise or sport is obsolete and disadvantageous. If one sticks with the usual bottle for drinking water during his exercise or sport, then he will definitely not get all the great comfort that comes from using hydration packs.

Following are few of the many advantages of using a hydration pack:

* The first ease that the hydration packs provides you with is that of carrying a greater amount of water than some usual water bottle. A usual water bottle may carry as much as one to two liters of water, whereas a hydration pack can contains greater volumes of water.

* The volume of water that a hydro pack contains may have raised a question in your mind: It must be heavy to hold a hydration pack, isn't it? Well, here comes the second advantage of using a lquid pack: it is not heavy at all! The liquid packs are created in a way that they fit perfectly on your body keeping a balance and they do not exert intense pressure on any part of your body.

* The hydration packs come with great padding feature. They are padded like body armor for the protection of the athlete during the game.

* For the comfort of the athlete, the hydro pack has comfortable padded straps for the shoulders and adjustable comfy straps for the hips and sternum. The design of the hydro pack is made in such a way that it does not bulge over your body. It is not so close to your body and not too away from it, making it stay at a perfect angle that is comfortable for the athlete.

* Hydro packs come in all sizes. In fact, you may find distinctive categories for the packs. There are packs that are small and delicate for women. Then there are strong and big liquid packs for men. The water packs for children are designed by keeping the need and the strength of young athletes in mind.

So, you see, if you are still sticking with your usual water bottles for drinking water during sports or exercise, then you are missing out on the many great advantages and comfort that only a perfect hydration pack has to offer.